Energy Services

Every StasisPCM™ installation is an opportunity to showcase our revolutionary technology and performance. From initial estimates and walkthroughs all the way to installation and final commissioning, Stasis Technical Support is there to help you through the process. Our service portfolio ensures that each project is a winner and yields the maximum cost and energy savings possible.

New Project Assessment

Provided at no charge and is designed to provide the building owner with all the information required to make intelligent decisions, including detailed Cost Proposal, Energy Cost Savings and Simple Payback Analysis for StasisPCM™.

  • Building Assessment
  • Project Qualification/Audit
  • Facility Walk Through
  • Building Use/Hours Survey
  • Historical Energy Cost Report
  • Energy Star™ Evaluation
  • Estimate of Savings and Simple Payback from StasisPCM™ Modeling Software

Qualified Projects

Included with All Installations of StasisPCM™ to provide building owner with detailed cost and performance reports of measured savings.

  • StasisPCM™ Engineering
  • Building Modeling
  • Investment Grade Energy Audit
  • Detailed Energy Savings and Simple Payback Report
  • Measurement and Verification/Monitoring of Building Performance
  • Utility Incentive Calculation and Documentation



This service is available for owners who want to maximize energy savings and performance and fine tune HVAC systems for optimum performance.

  • Commissioning
  • Test and Balance
  • Low Risk
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Validated Savings
  • Incentives are available for Stasis products and engineering fees for qualified projects
  • Building Modeling and Technical Analysis
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • 179D Federal Tax Deductions through Cost Segregation