How StasisPCM™ works.

The building with StasisPCM™ uses less energy and costs less to air condition because the return air in the plenum is cooler than the building without StasisPCM™.

StasisPCM™ is a bio-friendly, sustainable suite of Phase Change Material (PCM) applications that passively captures excess thermal energy in a building during the day and then releases at night at controlled times and at specific temperatures.

Our patented technology transforms the plenum space in buildings into “thermal mass” assemblies capable of storing excess heat from occupants, equipment and external thermal loads and maintains building stasis at a fraction of the cost of current energy efficiency technologies.


Stasis Phase Change Material (PCM) is engineered to absorb, store and release thermal energy throughout the temperature cycles of your building. This process maintains comfortable ambient temperatures and improves occupant comfort without using mechanical heating and cooling as frequently when compared to a building without StasisPCM™.

StasisPCM™ solutions are building specific: we provide engineered solutions designed to maximize energy savings in multi-story applications. Each project is modeled to maximize savings using our proprietary PCM engineering software and works seamlessly with your existing Building Automation Systems (BAS), HVAC controls and equipment.