About Stasis

Stasis is a leader in PCM applications, engineering and proprietary PCM modeling software. We develop Phase Change Materials (PCM) applications for multi-story buildings serving commercial, governmental, educational and institutional markets. We provide asset managers, REITs, private and public companies and developers with exceptional energy savings, great IRR and Aggressive Simple Payback Return on Investment.

Our mission is to harvest the energy the planet gives us every day and use it to heat and cool our buildings more efficiently. Our patented technology transforms walls, roofs and floors into “thermal batteries” capable of storing and conserving excess latent energy to reduce energy consumption and cost at a fraction of the price of current technologies.

Executive Team and Founding Partners

The founding members bring more than 50 years of experience in energy, building sciences, construction and manufacturing and a wealth of success in startup companies and revenue generation.

Rob 250

Rob Morton


President and CEO

Rob is the President and CEO of Stasis.  He is considered a subject matter expert on bio-based phase change materials.

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mike cecchini

Michael Cecchini


CEM– Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Cecchini is Chief Marketing Officer. He is experienced in Energy, Real Estate and Marketing in the building environment for energy management and efficiency.

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Technical Advisory Board

Stasis has established an Advisory Board of qualified professionals to assist in the development of StasisPCM™.  The Advisory Board contributes exceptional technical, engineering and emerging technologies acumen.

Energy Engineering

Donald E. Swick, PE, CEM

Science and Technical Development

Rusty W. Sutterlain PhD

Software and Energy Modeling

David E. Bradley, MS, PE

Emerging Technologies and Business Strategies

Mitchell W. Kitayama, MBA